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anette TJAERBY


I portray the countless expressions and attitudes of the human face - With one single goal: 

Capturing expressions that make an impression

Both presence and intensity play an important role in my artistic expression. I start in the abstract and end up with the refined details, often with an unexpected twist. 


I find my inspiration in the expression of the face, in beauty and in an enigmatic and mysterious look.

My art occurs in the tension field between the controlled and the experimental. On one hand, I work consciously and disciplined with complementary colors and the golden cut. On the other hand, I let coincidences prevail and lead me into new paths.  And it is precisely in that moment, when I experiment and challenge the traditional, that new and surprising color combinations arise and create life and expression. Expression that makes an impression.

I paint on both canvas and paper, but I’m also experimenting with other surfaces such as mirrors and concrete. I have found my very own style in an intense expression with  colorful brushstrokes and surprising details.

Especially the contrasts are important:

  • The rough in contrast to the refined motifs and materials

  • The detailed against the abstract and blurred

  • Contrasts in culture and mind

  • The raw and random in contrast to the planned and controlled

  • The enigmatic against the obvious

My studio is in the heart of Denmark. My mind is all over the world.  I’m educated as a product developer/ designer of textiles, and for more than 20 years I have worked with design, colors and the graphic expression. In 2012, I decided to go all-in and I pursued my dream of being a full-time artist. Something I’ve never regretted!

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